• Workbook (Teacher’s Edition) [PDF] - A downloadable and printable copy of the workbook with solutions for all exercises.

  • Online Community (Discourse) [Discourse] - Talk with other Bootstrap teachers, ask questions, and share out ideas!

  • Collection of Bootstrap:Algebra Desmos Activities [link]

  • Contracts [PDF] - for teachers who want only the contracts reference from the back of the student workbook, without using the entire book.

  • Glossary [link] - All of the vocabulary words (and their definitions) used in this pathway.

  • Bilingual Glossary of Bootstrap Terms (English-Spanish) [PDF] - For teachers with ELL/ESL students, we provide a bilingual glossary for all of the terms used across our curriculum library.

  • Blank Design Recipe Worksheet [PDF, Google Doc] - Use alongside story problems for a function development template.

Textbook Alignment

We offer alignment guides for several popular math textbooks, which make it easy to adopt Bootstrap as part of your normal scope and sequence. These guides are available for:

  • Illustrative Math (Grade 6) - [HTML, PDF]

  • Illustrative Math (Grade 7) - [HTML, PDF]

  • Illustrative Math (Grade 8) - [HTML, PDF]

  • Illustrative Math (HS) - [HTML, PDF]

  • Connected Mathematics - CMP3 (Grade 6) - [HTML, PDF]

  • Connected Mathematics - CMP3 (Grade 7) - [HTML, PDF]

  • Connected Mathematics - CMP3 (Grade 8) - [HTML, PDF]

Projects in Bootstrap:Algebra

Designing an original videogame is the (optional) capstone project for Bootstrap Algebra. This project involves all of the various algebra and programming concepts covered in the lessons, providing students with a creative way to demonstrate their mastery of the material.

You can find the description of this project (and the grading rubric!) at the Videogame Project Page.

Videos for Teachers

Developed in partnership with

Modeling and Coordinates

Order of Operations

Domain and Range

Defining Values

Introducing The Design Recipe

Using The Design Recipe

Boolean Logic & Inequalities

Piecewise Functions

The Pythagorean Theorem

Exercises and Solutions

Other Facilitation Resources

  • Grading Rubric [Google Doc] - A simple grading rubric for Design Recipes.

  • Sample Homework Submission Form [Google Doc]

  • Broadening Participation [Google Slides] - Making computing relevant, accessible and welcoming to all students isn’t a pipe-dream. Like anything else worth doing, it takes some good practice and a desire to do it right and keep improving. We’ve put together some pointers based on best-practices from the CS-Education literature, for Bootstrap teachers or anyone looking to broaden participation in Computer Science.

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