Like CMP3, Bootstrap is field-tested and research-validated, with a focus on deep exploration that supports and engages all kinds of learners. Our integrated computing modules have been proven to support math transfer and can be mixed and matched to supplement what you’re already doing in your classroom. Teaching 8th grade math with Bootstrap also addresses many CS Standards, including: 2-AP-11, 2-AP-17, 2-AP-19, 2-AP-21, 3A-DA-11, 3A-AP-14, 3A-AP-17, 3A-AP-18, 3B-DA-05, 3B-AP-14 and 3B-AP-21.

CMP3 Unit Integrated Computing Lessons that can extend the CMP3 Unit

Butterflies, Pinwheels and Wallpaper:
Symmetry and Transformations

function comp 3 transparent function comp 3 transparent🖼Show image Composing Image Functions

  • Simple code allows students to experiment with rotating, scaling, and reflecting shapes and images from the web.

  • Practicing transformations with their own names is highly motivating.

  • In seconds, students can adjust and get rapid visual feedback on the degree of rotation, scale factor, distortion, orientation and composition of shapes, supporting them in developing a concrete understanding of transformations.

Looking for Pythagoras:
The Pythagorean Theorem

distance transparent distance transparent🖼Show image The Distance Formula

  • Looking for a new project to enrich your curriculum? Bootstrap:Algebra offers students the opportunity to program their own basic video games!

  • video games use distance to determine whether a collision has occurred, offering an authentic application for using a formula that can feel abstract to students.

  • This lesson offers lots of materials to scaffold connections between the Pythagorean Theorem and distance on the coordinate plane.

  • These materials can be used without committing to the full video game project.

Function Junction:
Families of Functions

modeling func comp modeling func comp🖼Show image Modeling Function Composition

  • For many students, function compositions like f(g(h(x))) are wildly abstract.

  • In Bootstrap, we use the Circles of Evaluation to make the structure of the math visible to students.

  • In the programming environment, where students can layer functions to transform and compose images, function compositions find concrete and highly motivating applications.

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