The distance between x_1 and x_2 is computed by line-length​(​x1, x2​). The distance between y_1 and y_2 is computed by line-length​(​y1, y2​). Below is the equation to compute the hypotenuse of a right triangle with those amount for legs:

√( line\mbox-length(x_2, x_1)^2 + line\mbox-length(y_2, y_1)^2 )

Suppose your player is at (0, 2) and a character is at (4, 5). What is the distance between them?

1. Identify the values of x_1, y_1, x_2, and y_2

x_1 y_1 x_2 y_2

(x-value of 1st point)

(y-value of 1st point)

(x-value of 2nd point)

(y-value of 2nd point)

The equation to compute the distance between these points is:

√( line\mbox-length(4, 0)^2 + line\mbox-length(5, 2)^2 )

2. Translate the expression above, for (0,2) and (4,5) into a Circle of Evaluation below.

Hint: In our programming language num-sqr is used for x^2 and num-sqrt is used for √x

3. Convert the Circle of Evaluation to Code below.

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