Alice’s code has some new elements we haven’t seen before, so let’s experiment a bit to figure out how it works! Open the Alice’s Restaurant Starter File, click “Run”, and try using the cost function in the Interactions window.

1 What does cost​(​"hamburger"​) evaluate to?

2 What does cost​(​"pie"​) evaluate to?

3 What if you ask for cost​(​"fries"​)?

4 Explain what the function is doing in your own words.

5 What is the function’s name? Domain?

6 What is the name of its variable?

7 Alice says onion rings have gone up to $3.75. Change the cost function to reflect this.

8 Try adding menu items of your own. What’s your favorite?

9 For an unknown food item, the function produces the String "That’s not on the menu!" Is this a problem? Why or why not?

10 Suppose Alice wants to calculate the price of a hamburger, including a 5% sales tax. Draw a Circle of Evaluation for the expression below.

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