Match each word problem below to its corresponding purpose statement.

Annie got a new dog, Xavier, that eats about 5 times as much as her little dog, Rex, who is 10 years old. She hasn’t gotten used to buying enough dogfood for the household yet. Write a function that generates an estimate for how many pounds of food Xavier will eat, given the amount of food that Rex usually consumes in the same amount of time.



Consume the pounds of food Rex eats and add 5.

Adrienne’s raccoon, Rex, eats 5 more pounds of food each week than her pet squirrel, Lili, who is 7 years older. Write a function to determine how much Lili eats in a week, given how much Rex eats.



Consume the pounds of food Rex eats and subtract 5.

Alejandro’s rabbit, Rex, poops about 1/5 of what it eats. His rabbit hutch is 10 cubic feet. Write a function to figure out how much rabbit poop Alejandro will have to clean up depending on how much Rex has eaten.



Consume the pounds of food Rex eats and multiply by 5.

Max’s turtle, Rex, eats 5 pounds less per week than his turtle, Harry, who is 2 inches taller. Write a function to calculate how much food Harry eats, given the weight of Rex’s food.



Consume the pounds of food Rex eats and divide by 5.

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