Bootstrap:Data Science

Evidence-based, integrated materials for grade 7-12 classes

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It seems like every week there's another Data Science curriculum announced. Some are rooted in computing and others in math. At Bootstrap, we specialize in both! We've been offering a balanced Computational Data Science curriculum at national scale since 2017!

See what sets Bootstrap:Data Science apart.

Bootstrap Other Providers
Materials Cost 100% free lesson plans, workbooks, slides, homework assignments, projects, rubrics, assessments, and more. Many providers charge for access to their material.
Software Cost 100% free, runs on Chromebooks, iPads, and even phones! Many providers require teachers to download/install software, requiring IT headaches. Others charge expensive cloud-computing fees, which must be paid every year!
Standards Aligned to National and State Standards for Mathematics, as well as the K12CS Framework, CSTA Standards, and NGSS standards. Many DS providers align solely to Math standards, treating computing as a glorified graphing calculator or spreadsheet.
Computing Content Programming is carefully woven throughout the course, and designed specifically with educational purposes in mind.

The content is aligned to state national standards; curriculum designers are part of standards and frameworks teams at state and national levels.

Some providers incur the overhead of teaching multiple, completely different computing tools. Others use tools that were never designed for students, or which directly undermine math learning.

Minimal to no real computing content in several cases, and that content is often lumped into a small unit at the end of the course.

Teacher Support Educators can post questions, ideas, and share materials on our online community, and get answers from Bootstrap staff - as well as hundreds of Bootstrap teachers around the world - in 24 hours or less.

For partner districts, Bootstrap's Teacher Success Team offers support through various offerings including: monthly coaching sessions, office hours, and one-on-one meetings.

Levels of support vary