Comparison of "Bootstrap:Algebra" and's "CS in Algebra"

We are flattered that has chosen to build their CS in Algebra curriculum around Bootstrap:Algebra. They've hired us to help design and debug their software and curriculum, and to conduct the majority of their teacher trainings in summer 2015. While we're thrilled by their recognition, and Bootstrap do have different curricular and educational philosophies, which result in a number of differences between our programs. Depending on the needs of your school or classroom, each curriculum offers a different mix of pedagogy, content and curricular design:

CS in Algebra
Programming Style Text-based Block-based
Pencil-and-Paper Scaffolds Scaffold activities result in students writing real code, which is very similar to conventional mathematics. They then type this code into the computer. Scaffold activities result in students writing an informal pseudocode, which is a mix of math and programming. They then translate this pseudocode into a block language on the computer.
Math-to-Programming Activites Yes Yes
Programming-to-Math Activites Yes Yes
Activity focus Completing open-ended problems. Combination of structured puzzles and open ended problems.
Requires a Computer All Bootstrap activities are scaffolded by a workbook page, which can be done without a computer. All puzzles require a computer. Some activities include optional workbook pages.
Provided Classroom Materials Lesson plans for each day, solution viewer, challenge activities, slides, videos, homework assignments, exit slips, warmup activities, rubrics, assessments, and supplemental lessons. Lesson plans for each day, student account management and tracking, solution viewer, challenge activities, slides, worksheets, videos.
Pathway for Continuing Students Yes (Bootstrap:2, Picturing Programs, How to Design Programs) Bootstrap:1
Evaluation & Publication Independently evaluated, showing gains in algebra (we also published our own transfer results.) Not yet evaluated.
Actively Supported Bootstrap:Algebra continues to be improved and refined each year. CS in Algebra is no longer being improved or actively developed.