1 What image do you see repeated in the flag?

2 In the code below, highlight or circle all instances of the expression that makes the repeated image.

china =
    120, 175,
      140, 150,
        140, 120,
          120, 90,
            60, 140,
            rectangle(300, 200, "solid", "red"))))))

3 Write the code to define a value for the repeated expression.

4 Open the Chinese Flag Starter File and click "Run".

  • Type china into the Interactions Area and click Enter.

  • Save a copy of the file, and simplify the flag code using the value you defined.

  • Click "Run", and confirm that you still get the same image as the original.

  • Now change the color of all of the stars to black, in both files.

  • Then change the size of the stars.

5 Why is it helpful to define values for repeated images?


  • This file uses a function we haven’t seen before! What is it?

  • Can you figure out its contract? Hint: Focus on the last instance of the function.

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