Match each bar chart below to the pie chart that displays the racial demographic data from the same school district.

Cleveland Municipal School District pie chart: 34% White, 48% Black, 12% Hispanic/Latinx, small wedges for Asian and 2 or more race🖼Show image



San Diego City Unified School District pie chart: 44.4% White, 7.1% Black, 29.3% Hispanic/Latinx, 15.2% Asian, 4% 2 or more races🖼Show image



Houston Independent School District pie chart: 25% White, 24% Black, 44% Hispanic/Latinx, 6% Asian, tiny wedge 2 or more races🖼Show image



New York City Dept of Education pie chart: 32% White, 22% Black, 29% Hispanic/Latinx, 14% Asian, small wedges for some other race alone and 2 or more races🖼Show image



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