Bootstrap:Data Science

What factors make some people live longer than others? Are the schools in one part of your neighborhood better than schools in another part? How would you measure that? Answering these questions involves collecting and manipulating data, from sports stats to record sales to census data. Our Data Science module teaches students to view programs as questions we ask of data. Students form their own questions about the world around them, and learn how to analyze data critically and carefully to find answers. Business, science, and social studies teachers can utilize this module to help students make inferences from data. Math teachers can use this module to introduce foundational concepts in statistics. It also works great as a module for AP CS Principles’ unit on data!

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  • Unit 1Students write simple programs in Pyret, and learn about Numbers, Strings, Expressions, Operations, and Functions.

  • Unit 2Is there a relationship between the amount of sugar in a meal, and the number of calories? Do more caloric meals tend to have more sugar? To answer this question, students are introduced to Lists and Tables in Pyret, as well as scatter plots as a way of visualizing data

  • Unit 3Students learn to create and interpret Bar and Pie charts, as well as Frequency Bar Charts.

  • Unit 4Students learn how to measure central tendency using mean/median/mode. They will practice calculating these values by hand, and learn to do so using Lists in Pyret

  • Unit 5Students are introduced to Histograms as visualizations for quantitative data, learn to analyze features of Histograms, and construct them in Pyret

  • Unit 6Students dig deeper into scatter plots as a method of visualizing the relationship between two axes, and into the notion of "line of best fit".

  • Unit 7Students are introduced to their first examples of operations that consume and produce tables, and learn how to select columns and order rows. They are also introduced to the beginnings of Table Plans, as a vehicle for thinking through compound queries.

  • Unit 8Students are introduced to booleans and comparisons, and practice using them as predicates to write sieve queries.

  • Unit 9Students learn to extend tables with new columns, computed from a previous table’s data.

  • Supplemental LessonsFor teachers looking for additional exercises, we have compiled many activities for students to go deeper into the material. Students can explore topics like Data Cleaning with Pyret Sanitizers, transforming columns to detect non-linear relationships, using if-statements to transform categorical data to quantitative data, splitting tables to create subgroups, and lots more!

  • Student Workbook

    You can download a PDF of the DataScience workbook directly from us, and print your own. The lesson plans are tightly integrated with the Student Workbook, which should be used with the curriculum.

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