Referenced from lesson Spread of a Data Set (Spring, 2021)

Consider the following dataset, representing the annual income of ten people.

All numbers represent thousands of dollars (so 14 means "$14,000"):

60, 10, 21, 180, 14, 20, 45, 35, 45, 170

1 In the space below, rewrite this dataset in sorted order.


2 In the table below, compute the measures of center for this dataset.

Mean (Average) Median Mode(s)

3 In the table below, compute the five number summary of this dataset.

Minimum Q1 Q2 (Median) Q3 Maximum

4 On the number line below, draw a box plot for this dataset.

🖼Show image

5 The following statements are correct …​ but misleading. Write down the reason why.

Statement Why it’s misleading

“They’re rich! The average person makes $60k dollars!”

“It’s a middle-income list: the most common salary is $45k/yr!”

“This group is very low-income, the most common salary range is from $10k-$25k!”

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