Referenced from lesson Measures of Center (Spring, 2021)

Consider the following dataset, representing the heaviest bench press (in lbs) for ten powerlifters:

135, 95, 230, 135, 203, 55, 1075, 135, 110, 185

1 In the space below, rewrite this dataset in sorted order.


2 In the table below, compute the measures of center for this dataset.

Mean (Average) Median Mode(s)


3 The following statements are correct …​ but misleading. Write down the reason why.

Statement Why it’s misleading

“More personal records are set at 135 lbs than any other weight!”

“The average powerlifter can bench press 235 lbs.”

“With a median of 135, that means that half the people in this group can’t even lift 135 lbs.”

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