Referenced from lesson Introduction to Computational Data Science (Spring, 2021)


  • Who is the best quarterback of all time?

  • Are baseball pitchers throwing harder than ever?

  • How much more do male soccer players earn than females?

  • How common is it for former Olympic athletes to become coaches?

  • How much does an extra inch of height help a basketball player?

Pop Culture

  • What percentage of people have seen the movie that won last year’s Best Picture Award?

  • Who tends to be more popular: bands or solo singers?

  • Are younger actors paid more than older actors?

  • Are movies with female leads as profitable as movies with male leads?

  • Does winning a Grammy increase sales?


  • Is “Stop and Frisk” a racist policy?

  • Do Republican politicians tend to come from different states than Democratic ones?

  • Do people in countries that have universal healthcare live longer than people in countries that don’t?

  • Was press coverage slanted for or against a particular candidate?


  • Do small schools perform better than large ones?

  • Which has a stronger correlation with student achievement: race or wealth?

  • Do bilingual classes result in better outcomes for ESL/ELL students?

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