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Type each expression (left) below into the editor and match it to the image it creates (right).

Expression Image

(triangle-sas 120 45 70 "solid" "black")



(triangle-sas 120 90 70 "solid" "black")



(triangle-sas 120 135 70 "solid" "black")



(triangle-sas 70 135 120 "solid" "black")



Think about how you would describe each of the arguments that triangle-sas takes in to someone who’d never used the function before and annotate the contract below using descriptive variable names.

triangle-sas:: (

:: Number, :: Number, :: Number, :: String, :: String

) -> Image

Add examples of each of the triangle functions we’ve explored to your contracts page.

If you have time, experiment with the triangle-asa function.

triangle-asa:: (

	left-angle :: Number,
	left-side :: Number,
	bottom-angle :: Number,
	style :: String
	color :: String

) -> Image

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