Decrease the cat’s hunger level by 2 and sleep level by 1 on each tick.

Draw a sketch for three distinct moments of the animation

Sketch A

Sketch B

Sketch C

What things are changing?

Thing Describe how it changes

What fields do you need to represent the things that change?

Field name (dangerX, score, playerIMG …​) data type (Number, String, Image, Boolean …​)

Make a To-Do List, and check off each as “Done” when you finish each one.

Component When is there work to be done? To-Do Done

Data Structure

If any new field(s) were added, changed, or removed


If something is displayed in a new way or position


If the Data Structure changed, or the animation happens automatically


If the Data Structure changed, or a keypress triggers the animation


If either next-state function is new

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